“Let it be our custom to see everything from the great standpoint of faith. Then all that happens in this world, whether it inspires fear or desire, will scarcely affect us…In future, then, do not forget this: a simple fiat said of your present troubles and of those which you fear, whether for yourself or for others, will be enough to secure you a rich treasure of peace, calm and tranquility upon this earth. Though this practice does not give you perfect peace at once, at least it will fill you with joy, and will bring you lasting comfort in all your troubles and in all your fears.” -from Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence, pg 301-302 (emphasis mine)

What does Father de Caussade mean when he talks about faith here? Faith that God is with us. Faith that God will take care of us. Faith that God is allowing this or that for love of us. We must have faith to say, “Yes, Lord, yes. I accept all that you offer and all that you ask of me. You are my King; I am your creature.”

When we firmly believe in our hearts (not just in our heads) that God is acting in our best interest in every moment, in every circumstance, we can have this faith of which Father de Caussade speaks. 

How does this heart knowledge come to us? Only through God’s grace. We can and should pray for it if we struggle to trust in God in this way. 

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