A Prayer for Blind Self-Abandonment

My God, if this truth were once for all well known, with what blind self-abandonment should we not submit ourselves to thy divine Providence.  What peace and tranquility of heart we should enjoy in every circumstance, not only regarding external events, but also with reference to our interior states of soul.  Even in cases where the painful vicissitudes through which God makes us pass are a punishment for our infidelities, we should say to ourselves that God has willed it thus by his permissive will,  and we must humbly submit; we should detest our fault and accept its painful and humiliating consequences, as St. Francis de Sales so often advises us.

How many troubles and useless anxieties injurious to our peace of heart and spiritual advancement would not this one principle, rightly understood, dispel!  Shall I never succeed with the help of grace in instilling into your mind and still more into your heart this great principle of faith, so sweet, so consoling, so loving and so pacifying?  -from Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence, pg. 121-122 (emphasis mine)

I certainly don’t claim to be an expert or to have mastered blind self-abandonment, however, God has brought me a long way since I began. In the beginning, certain passages would resonate with me, and I would to commit to practice them. Often, though, life got in the way, and it was difficult to practice those habits.

Of course, everything — including self-abandonment — that we try fails when we attempt it on our own.

The turning point came when I began to write passages from the book on a prominent place that I would look to all day.  I’d read the passage, often a prayer, several times a day. We need to ask for the grace of self-abandonment and to be reminded that we are not in control.

Here is one such prayer from Fr. de Caussade:

My God, may all thy most holy intentions be accomplished in me and never my own; may they be accomplished because while infinitely just in themselves, they are also infinitely advantageous for me.  I know that thou canst will only the greatest good of thy creatures so long as they remain submissive to thy orders.  May my own will never be accomplished except when it is in perfect agreement with thine, because otherwise it can only be harmful to me.  If ever, my God, it should happen through ignorance or passion that I persist in desires contrary to thine, may I be disappointed and punished, not by thy justice, by thy pity and great mercy. -from Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence, pg. 122 (emphasis mine)

This prayer not only asks God to help us surrender our lives to him, but it should also instill in us a great confidence in God. For even when we walk through suffering, we must know that God only allows it for the good of our souls.

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