The Fallacy of Human Wisdom

Come what may, as St. Francis de Sales used to say, Long live Jesus!  I shall take sides with divine Providence even if human wisdom tear out her hair with rage.  When one is illuminated by heavenly light, one thinks very differently from most men, but what a source of peace, what power one finds in this way of thinking and looking at things!  How happy are the saints, how peacefully they live, and what miserable blind fools we are not to be willing to train ourselves to think as they do, preferring to be entombed in the thick darkness of this accursed human wisdom which makes us so wretched, blind, and guilty.  -from Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence, pg. 122 (emphasis mine)

Human wisdom must not be elevated above divine Providence. It is blind. When we think that our circumstances seem contrary to how a good God would work in our lives, we must realize that kind of thinking is pride making God someone who he is not. We would do well to practice the habit of distrust of ourselves, laying all of our cares at the feet of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Fr. de Caussade continues on the same page:

Let us study how to give all our care and attention to the task of conforming ourselves in all things to the holy will of God in spite of interior revolt. That revolt itself must be accepted in obedience to the will of God which permits it in order to accustom us to remain at all times and in all circumstances before him in a state of sacrifice by even an interior silence of respect, adoration, self-annihilation, submission and love, and with a self-abandonment full of confidence. (emphasis mine)

This must be a conscious effort on our part to submit to the grace of God.  The sacrifice does not go away (but may become easier as we advance in the spiritual life).  We must accept it as our new reality.  And should we grow weary, we should offer our fatigue to God, always remembering that we are happiest when we submit to the will of God.

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