Surrendering Our Wills

O holy detachment! It is this that makes room for God.  O purity, O blessed annihilation, O submission without reserve!  This is what attracts God into the depth of the heart.  Let my faculties be what they will, thou, Lord, art all my good.  Do what thou wilt with this little creature: that he should act, that he should be inspired, that he should be the subject of thy impressions is all one, for all belongs to thee; all, indeed, is thee, from and for thee.  I have nothing more to say to it or to do. Not a single moment of my life is of my own ordering; all belongs to thee, I have neither to add nor subtract, to inquire or reflect: sanctity, perfection, salvation, direction, mortification, is all thy affair, Lord.  Mine to be content with thee and to choose for myself no action or condition, but to leave all to thy good pleasure. -from Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence, pg. 50 (emphasis mine)

The exercise of our free will to abandon ourselves to God renders the heart capable of receiving and accepting the most holy will of God, wherein we will find our most true and lasting happiness. When, by our free will we abandon ourselves, God directs all of our other faculties, and we can let go of our worries trusting in an all-good God working in and through us for our eternal salvation.

Self-abandonment also moves us to focus on God instead of ourselves. When we are not concerned about our own lives, we can find our purpose in serving others, and by doing so, love God all the more.

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