Sin and God’s Will

Writing to Sr. Marie-Thérèse de Vioménil, Fr. de Caussade counsels her regarding sin:

You cannot, you say, report anything to me, other than your wretchedness. I can well believe you, since, as long as we are in this life, we can but find ourselves for ever most wretched and imperfect. Do you desire a remedy that will effectively cure all this wretchedness?  Here you have it: while abominating the sins which are the cause of them, cherish, or at least accept, their consequences, namely, the self-abjection and self-scorn which follow them. Yet in every case do so without vexation or grief, anxiety or discouragement. Do not forget that God, though he does not desire sin, makes a very useful instrument of it to keep us at all times in abjection and self-scorn.  But for this bitter remedy we should soon give way to the intoxication of self-love. -from Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence, pg. 357 (emphasis mine)

We must realize that we can do nothing to draw nearer to God by our own merits, other than cooperating with his grace. It is God who will give us the grace to be freed from our sins. Gods needs only our desire–the surrendering of our own will–to perfect us.  If we remain fixed on him, desiring to be perfect as he is perfect, he, who is the consummate healer, will free us from iniquity.

Psalm 51:17 A sacrifice to God is an afflicted spirit: a contrite and humbled heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.

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