About the Book

If you would remember how little men contribute to events, you would see that divine Providence itself arranges everything in a singular way in favour of its servants and disposes everything for the best. God brings into being circumstances and necessities as he pleases. May he be blessed for all, in all and for ever! -from Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence by Father Jean Pierre de Caussade, S.J.

There are many versions and translations of the this book. The one that I believe to be the best is translated by Algar Thorold, edited by Father John Joyce, S.J., and is published by Tan Books and Publishers, Inc.

This version includes Fr. de Caussade’s letters to the nuns for whom he was a spiritual director. These letters really encompass the essential part of his abandonment philosophy so I highly recommend a book that includes them.

You can buy this version of the book from Amazon or directly from the publisher.

There is a different version of the book posted online at Catholic Treasury. This is not the translation that I would recommend and does not include the letters to the sisters, but it does still include nuggets of gold by Fr. de Caussade, and it is free.

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